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  • Egenius 2023 cultural fest and workshop

    Our students visited the KCG college of Engineering and Technology for the Egenius 2023 cultural fest and workshop. They participated in various competitions and gained hands-on experience by operating motor bikes, drones and helicopters. Our students gained a flair for engineering and automobiles in particular.Click here to view photos.

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  • PONGAL - Vayal Program

    PONGAL is an important day for our Farmers. To experience the life of a Farmer and to create an awareness on the Importance of agriculture, our children of grade 7, 8 and 9 visited a FARM located in "Murugamangalam village" on 11-1-2023. They gained hands-on experience on paddy cultivation, feeding & grazing the cattle and even fishing and pot making .It was a unique experience to learn from the farmers about how their land is put to use by cultivating various crops at different seasons. The experience was a lifetime learning as every Olivian understood, how difficult it is for Farmers to toil in the Sun to produce food so that we do not go hungry. The muddy waters, soiled hands and the wrinkled faces of our farmers will always be remembered when they see their favourite delicacies on their plates. The students understood that food is precious and not to waste it. May this Pongal Season bring Joy and Happiness in the life of all our farmers who selflessly work hard to feed the entire nation. May the Almighty God bless them abundantly..!

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  • Internet Of Things

    To kick start the knowledge sharing initiative of Olive Public School, the students of Grade 9 Shri Vadhana and Grade 11 Mirdhulla presented a paper on IOT (Internet Of Things) to all OLIVIANS. The presentation was viewed by children via smart-boards. The content of the presentation was prepared by the students who had referenced them from various books. As a mentor we understand that it’s important to plant the seeds of Research and Development at a young age so that learning can happen beyond the prescribed text books. Olive Public School believes that every young Olivian should get acquainted with the latest happenings around the globe through age appropriate presentations in a regulated school environment. Kudos children !

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