Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, Affiliation Number: 1931179 (PreKG to Grade 12)

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Child Protection and Counselling :

Each child has access to the School Counsellor who is the designated Child Protection Officer who fulfils professional responsibilities in relation to child protection and school counselling programmes through responsive services. The school aims to establish and maintain a safe environment; to raise awareness of “Child Protection” issues and to ensure students know that there are adults in the school whom they may approach if they are worried.

Children at risk of suffering significant harm or experiencing a wide variety of problems such as aggression, low self-esteem, anxiety, school refusal, fearfulness, poor attention span, social withdrawal, physical/sexual abuse, friendship issues, bereavement, depression or relocation, benefit when they have a special playtime or talk time with the school counsellor.

The school counsellor provides individual and small group counselling sessions, conducts classroom guidance lessons, undertakes psycho-educational testing (as required), and acts as a consultant and a referral source between school, parents and the community. She is available at the Counsellor’s Office twice a week. To contact her directly, please email

The school also ensures that it practices safe recruitment of staff; develop and then implement procedures to support students to raise awareness and ensure the policy is implemented in a culturally sensitive fashion.

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