Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, Affiliation Number: 1931179 (PreKG to Grade 12)

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University Guidance – Our Future initiative

During the final years in the school, students are encouraged to get to know their Guidance Counsellor as they can have a huge impact on their future. Our aim is to guide each student, helping each one to make the right choices for their future.

Our Guidance Counsellors meet the students and parents of Grade 10 and 12 individually and in groups to help them in academic planning, career awareness, and advice on subject choices for University applications. They also advise Grade 9 and 11 students on course selection and its consequences on their college selection process.

Our Guidance Office will conducts many programmes including:

  • Work Experience Programme for Year 12 students to gain first-hand job information.
  • Community Service Programme (CSR) through the CSR projects in conjunction with local companies for Year 11 students.
  • Conducts college essay and personal statement workshops for students.
  • Prepares the students by organising workshops, meetings with alumni and mock interviews for applicants.
  • Organises subject seminars for high achievers on various issues relevant to our students and community
  • Organises visits to job fairs which include presentations, workshops, and opportunities for Students to gain a fair idea of the Job market.

Work Experience Programme

This initiative is for Grade 12 students who are given an opportunity to experience the 'world of work' by spending a week in an organisation, learning and observing and helping the employees there. This experience also helps students in deciding on their future career choices.

Corporate Social Responsibility

This is an initiative that involves students of Year 11 and Year 10 (from the new academic session) spending a week on Community Service work in partnership with organisations through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects.

High Achievers Programme

The University/College Guidance Department organises seminars for enhanced academic enrichment of high achievers on various issues relevant to our students and community. The idea is to challenge our high achievers to think out of the box and critically analyse some of the issues we face. To join this programme students need to make an application which includes writing an essay on why they think they should be chosen to be part of the High Achievers' Group. The selection committee (comprising of a group of senior teachers) look for student motivation, academic potential, initiative, ability to think independently, general attitude and character, special abilities and interests, maturity, curiosity and whether he or she is likely to make productive use of the seminars at The Olive Public School. The student's record of participation in the life of the school and community is also important as are the grades achieved so far.

The seminars begin in the second semester of Year 12 and continue through the next academic year for Year 12 students.

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