Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, Affiliation Number: 1931179 (PreKG to Grade 12)

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Strategic Plan 2019 - 2025

The School's five-year Strategic Plan 2011– 2016 (SSP) is a distillation of work done in 2008 by the previous Board and working group. The aim in presenting the SSP using this straight-forward framework is to enable the six key work areas, and their objectives and indictors, to be seen simultaneously. This structure allows a clear view of the linkages within a work area, as well as across work areas. It also shows how all the work areas carry equal priority and will require concerted focus by the Academic Board and the Leadership Team to continue the school’s development over the next five years.

‘Governance’ has been added as a new work area. This is a normal and important feature in strategic planning as it holds those implementing the plan accountable for transparent decision-making and actions, in this case to the Society. Our strategic planning includes effective objectives and indicators against which those doing the governing can be held accountable.


Year Planner 2021-22

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