Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, Affiliation Number: 1931179 (PreKG to Grade 12)

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The Olive Public School is an independent, unaided, Private School providing the finest of education for Nursery, Primary and Secondary. The school offers high quality education based on the NCERT Guidelines specified by the Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE). We aspire that the students of the school graduate to leading universities/colleges in India and world-wide.

Before we explain the admissions process in detail, please note:
1. Registrations can be done through on-line or in person.

2. Registrations being done in person can be done from Monday to Friday between 10.00am to 12 noon or 03.00pm to 04.00 pm in the evening. SATURDAY- 10.00am to 12.00 noon

3. Internationally mobile families will be in a position to apply for admissions into the school throughout the year.

4. We endeavour to keep students of the same age in the same year group, where possible Please request for the age versus class guide in case of any ambiguity.

5. Admission is dependent upon:
- On a place being available in the year group in for which admission has been applied for.
- The ability of applicants to demonstrate that they can complement the national character of the school’s student population and benefit from the education provided by The Olive Public School.

This is evaluated by the school through an assessment process which involves:
a. a written evaluation;
b. a face to face interview and
c. reports (academic and all other relevant reports depending on the year group and the programme applied for) from the previous school (where applicable).

The Admission Process

Step 1: Registration

The first step in the application process is to register with us on the waiting list. Registration forms can be downloaded from the download section of this website. For registering your child, please submit the following to the Admissions office through e-mail, courier or in person

• Passport sized photograph of the child,Father and Mother (Colour)

• Birth Certificate Copy of the kid

• Adress Proof Copy

• ID Proof Copy of Father & Mother

• Previous School Reports

• Registration Fee Rs.500/- as a DD or a Banker's cheque (Favouring "The PMS Educational Trust")

As stated in the revised Admissions Policy of The Olive Public School approved by the Trust Members, the following is applicable to all potential admissions, i.e. all applicants for current year.

• Cost of Registration (Rs. 500/-) which is non-refundable and does not guarantee admission; and

Step 2: Written Assessment

Once we have seats to offer, all applicants (except for Play Group) must undergo an admissions test, which consists of a simple age-appropriate oral and written question and answer session with a member of the teaching staff. This helps us to know about each applicant’s capabilities and identify any special needs. Admission assessments are necessary for all students. On the basis of successful assessment results and seat availability, admission will be offered.

Step 3: Face to Face interview

Applicants who clear the written assessments will be invited for a face to face interview with Admissions panel comprising of a representative of the principal of the primary/secondary school plus a teacher/Key Stage and will include the prospective student and at least one parent of the student concerned.

Parents must provide a copy of the previous school reports ; and It is recognised that in the case of applicants applying from overseas or from other states, it will normally not be possible to schedule a meeting until the physical arrival of the families in Chennai. In such cases, the Admissions Panel may grant a conditional admission based on the previous school records. Such conditional approval will be subject to confirmation following the interview, which should be scheduled as soon as reasonably possible.

- An assessment is usually necessary for transfer students. It is important to provide us with most recent school reports to determine if an admissions assessment is necessary
- Previous school records will be scrutinised prior to admitting students transferring from previous schools.

Step 4: Offer of admission

The result of the written tests, face to face interviews and previous records from the previous school (where applicable) of the applicant, will be considered before an offer of admission is made by The Olive Public School. This encompasses behavioural and attitudinal matters as well as the academic record before an offer of admission is made
For further queries and details, please contact the admissions office:
or email
Please note: Do allow us a minimum of 24 hours / one working day to respond to your e-mail.

1. All admissions related enquiries must be made to the Admissions team only.

2. As and when a vacancy arises, the admissions office will contact applicants on the waiting list as per the categories identified in the Admissions Policy.

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