Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, Affiliation Number: 1931179 (PreKG to Grade 12)

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Admission Policy

The admissions process is very clearly guided by an Admissions Policy of The Olive Public School, which is reviewed from time to time to incorporate changing global requirements. The Admissions Policy approved by the Academic Board in May 2011 will govern all admissions to the current academic year.

The main components of the Admissions Policy governing admissions to the current academic year are mentioned below:

Admission is based on

a. First come First basis based on the priorities listed below.

b. The ability of applicants to demonstrate that they can complement the character of the school’s student population and benefit from the education provided by the Olive Public School.

This is evaluated by the school through an assessment process which involves written evaluation, face to face interview and reports (academic and all other relevant reports depending on the year group and the programme applied for) from the previous school (where applicable)

Admission prioritisations:

1. Partnerships: (Presently Not Applicable)
The school welcomes partnerships with corporate organisations, and other entities, provided they are in the school’s interests, are consistent with the Indian legal and regulatory environment and the school’s aims, values and mission. These may result in the school offering priority in admission to students of employees of such partners. While all students will follow the regular school admission policy and criteria, guaranteed admission will be dependent on whether we have sufficient space in any class.

2. Siblings
We give preference to siblings of students already enrolled in the school. Because of our commitment to keep families united in a single school, siblings of existing students move to the top of their respective category.

3. Alumni
We give preference to children of alumni. All applications of the children of alumni will move ahead of all other applications in their respective Category but will be lower than siblings

4. Children of teaching staff

The children of teachers will be guaranteed admission as long as it is believed that the school can meet their particular needs, and all other admissions criteria are met fully. This is to promote the recruitment and retention of suitably experienced staff. Such admissions are to be agreed by the Principal and Director, Human Resources prior to signing the contract of employment.

5. Principals’ discretion on compassionate grounds
In exceptional cases, where a family is suffering adverse personal circumstances of a serious nature, such as bereavement or grave illness in the immediate family, the Director, after consultation with teaching staff, may consider granting a student a place at the School. The student(s) concerned must still meet the academic admissions criteria. The Board will be notified of this admission.

6. Special Needs
As a social commitment for the cause of education, the school does not restrict admissions to physically challenged students but would require those disabilities will not prevent their movement around the campus as such movement is necessary to gain access to the full curriculum.

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