Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, Affiliation Number: 1931179 (PreKG to Grade 12)

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  • Republic Day

    Olivians celebrated 'Republic day' with pomp and splendour, zeal and spirit. Patriotism was the topic of discussion as the whole day was filled with various activities by our school children who performed with great eclat.Each child pinned up a national flag to his / her uniform and spread the message of peace and unity. Children performed dance, skating, karate and spoke on stage to show their love towards the country. Be proud to be an Indian.Click here to view photos.

    Last Update by:2023/02/07 11:24:20 AM
  • Vegetable carving

    The Talent Fest for Parents is an annual event showcasing their skills and talents along with their little ones. This time it was 'Vegetable carving' as many parents participated enthusiastically to carve vegetables to form beautiful objects. It was a treat to our eyes as they used special carving knives to create unique decorative elements. Events like these align with the school’s objective to partner with parents to enable them to experience their child’s delight, aiding them to come back to their adult world with a new perspective. Well done dear Parents!. Click here to view photos.

    Last Update by:2023/02/07 11:19:54 AM
  • Spell bee Competition

    Small steps today are stepping stones for future achievements. Olivians of various grades, successfully passed the State level Spell Bee competitions. Congratulations to all students who successfully qualified for the National level 'Spell Bee' contest. Kudos OLIVIANS, way to go.Click here to view photos.

    Last Update by:2023/02/07 11:25:10 AM

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