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    Today our Senior KG students emphasised the necessity of Healthy food in our Day to Day life. Theme of the event: EAT BETTER & FEEL BETTER Healthy food has numerous benefits. It helps us in various spheres of life. Good food improves our physical health and mental health too. Children were lectured on the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables and about the nutrient content in them that helps fight many diseases. Children made a formation of a Food Pyramid depicting the Healthy Balanced Diet. The Gym Ball Activity was filled with energy as they displayed how this activity can strengthen the backbone muscles. Our tiny buds made the whole school participate in a"Freeze Dance" which actually made them feel better by developing their motor skills, listening skills and social skills all at the same time. Great effort by the KG team who made the event a great success .Click here to view photos.

    Last Update by:2023/02/07 11:32:52 AM
  • Field Trip

    Our Kindergarten students improvised on their gross motor and fine motor skills by involving themselves in large muscle movements, such as independent sitting, walking, jumping and running. It was a day filled with holistic activities, fun engagements, including playing with the farm animals.Click here to view photos.

    Last Update by:2023/02/07 11:28:36 AM
  • Republic Day

    Olivians celebrated 'Republic day' with pomp and splendour, zeal and spirit. Patriotism was the topic of discussion as the whole day was filled with various activities by our school children who performed with great eclat.Each child pinned up a national flag to his / her uniform and spread the message of peace and unity. Children performed dance, skating, karate and spoke on stage to show their love towards the country. Be proud to be an Indian.Click here to view photos.

    Last Update by:2023/02/07 11:24:20 AM

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