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Student enrichment programme

(Click here to register online for activities for Term 2 which commence from August 2012. Registration is going on and the last date is 2nd March 2012). Students of Grade 1-6 have the opportunity to access extra-curricular activities organised by external specialists after the school day from 3:30pm – 5:30pm. The programme is run by the Activities Coordinator and offers a range of activities which change regularly according to demand and weather conditions. Please note that this is a voluntary programme, and not compulsory.

These activities are truly beneficial to each student and help to:

  • Develop a student’s full potential.
  • Increase social awareness, social skills, group responsibility and empathy.
  • Foster individual talents and interests.
  • Supplement the curriculum offered during the school day.
  • Identify each student’s strengths and interests which lie outside the normal taught curriculum.

Students are encouraged to vary their choices of activities which include:

  • Sports such as volleyball, basketball
  • Games such as Tennis, Shuttle and Skating
  • Dance, Vocal
  • Music to prepare you for a certification from the Trinity College, London.
  • Learning Foreign Languages – French, Japanese
  • Follows us